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What did Kyle do to reveal his generous and soft side?

Wednesday 19 October, 2016
Often when people go to the trouble of writing to the Kyle & Jackie O Show, it's not always great news.
With the sad reality that most people are more quick to complain than to praise, and as they more accustomed to 'hate mail' than fan mail, it was much to Jackie's surprise when she opened a letter sent to the station and found a lovely note  from 78-year-old Carol.

Kyle & Jackie O's 'Fatchelorette'

Friday 30 September, 2016
Kyle & Jackie O’s Fatchelorette, Elise, has been looking for love all week on air and today she made her final choice.
The gorgeous Fatchelorette, Elise, is 34-years-old and weighs in at 110kg. She is bubbly, beautiful and knows she's fabulous!
See how it all started here

Jackie O's surprise reduces florist to tears

Monday 05 September, 2016
Jackie O has kicked off the working week surprising a hardworking florist.

Megan has run "Aangela's Florist"  working seven days a week for the past 18 years.
Like so many small business owners, she pours her heart and soul into her florist business putting in long hours to build her dream.
The only help she has is her 88-year old Mum who comes into the shop most days.

Kyle & Jackie O listener takes home a sweet $20,000

Monday 29 August, 2016
Thousands of hopefuls lined up at Westfield Burwood for their chance to find out if they were the sweetest of them all as part of KIIS 1065 Kyle & Jackie O’s Mirror Mirror competition.


They've KIISed and made up. Geoff Field, Kyle and Jackie O back together

Tuesday 02 August, 2016

Even though it was just for one morning, Geoff Field this morning reunited with KIIS 106.5's breakfast duo Kyle and Jackie O.

 Geoff worked with Kyle and Jackie O at 2DayFM for 7 years from late 2003 to March 2010 before leaving under “mysterious circumstances”.

New APD at KIIS in Sydney

Thursday 28 July, 2016

Richie Wright is now KIIS 1065’s Assistant Content Director in Sydney.
Seven years ago, after driving from Perth to Queensland with a broken ankle, Richie landed his first job in radio by camping outside a Sunshine Coast station and refusing to leave until he landed a job.
He has since held a number of roles at stations in Perth, the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Hobart including Assistant Content Director, Announcer and Executive Producer.  

Kyle & Jackie O Give Back after devastating fire

Friday 08 April, 2016
KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O did a special Kyle & Jack Give Back for the Blackwell family who lost their home and everything they own in a fire last week.
The fire broke out on the top floor of the family’s home on Saturday night – mum Donna was at work while dad Matthew was at home cooking their seven children dinner. 
All of the family escaped injury, and their nine puppies also got out safely but they’ve lost all of their possessions.

"I would never go back to SCA" - Kyle

Monday 01 February, 2016
Kyle and Jackie O have spoken out amid rumours the radio duo were in talks with SCA for a $20 million contract to leave KIIS 1065.
“I would never go back to Austrero, even if they gave me the radio station” –  was the reaction to the reports from Kyle on KIIS 1065 this morning.
Meanwhile Jackie confirmed that she hasn’t been contacted by SCA at all.

Kyle and Jackie O: Out with the old, in with the new

Friday 27 November, 2015
KIIS 106.5's Kyle & Jackie  work their giveback magic when an old car goes into carwash, comes out brand new.
Christine was this year diagnosed with breast cancer and has been receiving both chemotherapy and radiation therapy as part of her treatment.

Kyle fooled again!

Wednesday 07 October, 2015
This morning on the KIIS1065 breakfast show Jackie O got Kyle again! Pulling off her second biggest prank ever, convincing him he was interviewing President Barack Obama … again!

Back in August Jackie O convinced Kyle that he was fulfilling his dream by interviewing President Obama. You can watch Kyle's reaction and surprising humble nature here


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