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Nova's Red Room with Conrad Sewell

Tuesday 10 May, 2016
Last night Conrad Sewell performed an acoustic and intimate show in Nova’s Red Room at Paddington Uniting Church.
300 NOVA listeners packed the church to watch Conrad Sewell perform a selection of hits from his debut EP All I Know including Start AgainShadowRemind Me and Who You Lovin’.

Hamish and Andy take the lead in national Drive stakes

Tuesday 19 April, 2016

The battle ground for Drive is white hot and couldn't be closer.

While the Nova Network can still claim the most listeners in cumes, the mantle of number one metropolitan networked Drive Show in share belongs to Hamish and Andy on the Hit Network who have edged out Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty by just 0.1 of a share with the KIIS network’s Hughesy & Kate a mere 0.3 behind.

The results* are:

Hit 10.5% Hamish and Andy

Nova 10.4% Kate, Tim and Marty

KIIS 10.1% Hughesy and Kate

Nova Sydney celebrates 15 years

Friday 01 April, 2016

It may be April 1st but this is no joke.

Nova's Kate, Tim and Marty go to Vegas

Tuesday 16 February, 2016

In their first big overseas trip together, the team will broadcast a week of special shows live from Las Vegas USA.

Kate Ritchie’s holiday hell

Tuesday 29 December, 2015

Nova national Drive co-host Kate Ritchie of Kate, Tim & Marty fame has returned from a horror cruise of the pacific with many passengers struck down with gastric complaints caused by a nasty bug known as a norovirus.

Happily for Kate, who was staying in a penthouse suite with her husband aboard the Pacific Eden, she and her family escaped the bug.

Nonetheless, with many passengers quarantined and parts of the ship being fumigated, the voyage was less than ideal.

All this week: Ed Sheeran does Nova Drive

Sunday 06 December, 2015

All this week, Tim Blackwell from Nova’s usual Drive show, Kate, Tim & Marty, will be doing an unusual set of shows from 6pm each evening with Ed Sheeran. 

Now everyone can play Kate, Tim & Marty’s Quick Draw at home

Tuesday 01 December, 2015

The fun radio game is now an app

There was a time when television game shows like Sale of the Century gave the losers a board game version of the show as a consolation prize. Now, thanks to technology, Kate, Tim & Marty has made their weekly game show Quick Draw available to all their listeners via the Nova app.

Now anyone can be a Quick Draw contestant on their mobile phones or tablets.

Kate, Tim & Marty now a Kardashian free zone

Tuesday 20 October, 2015

Last night on Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty declared their show as a ‘Kardashian Free Zone’.  

It all started when Marty read an article about the Kardashians over the weekend, and was inspired to put a stop to it on his show.

Marty said: “As a show, lets stop talking about these people. Because they are awful, awful human beings the kardashians.”

Kate agreed: “It is kind of depressing when you get online in the morning and that seems to be all you see”

Survey 6: The Big Drive Showdown Looms

Sunday 27 September, 2015

Survey 6 - out tomorrow morning - finally brings all the pieces together. 

The sky's the limit for Kate, Tim and Marty

Thursday 23 July, 2015

Kate, Tim & Marty will take their national Drive show to new heights when they broadcast from a business class jet on Thursday 30 July. 
For the first time Kate, Tim & Marty will broadcast their Drive show live in front of a captive audience of listeners. Guests will be treated to an exclusive experience with a limousine transfer right to the stairs of the jet where they will receive a champagne welcome by Nova’s cabin crew before settling back to enjoy the show from the best seats in the house.  


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