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$403,682 raised for 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 for Kids

Wednesday 05 July, 2017

92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 for Kids has broken another record, this morning announcing that in just one month, the team has raised $403,682 for local children’s services on the Sunshine Coast.

Mix FM’s Breakfast personalities Mark & Caroline, as well as the Drive crew Todd & Sami worked tirelessly for the month of June, helping co-ordinate and publicise over 30 separate events, all to raise much needed funds for paediatric health services.

2CH in the hands of a Masters Apprentice

Wednesday 21 December, 2016

Glenn Wheatley talks to Peter Saxon about the strange and drawn-out sales process and what his plans are for 2CH.

Over 50 years ago when Bob Rogers interviewed a young Glenn Wheatley, bass player for Master’s Apprentices, one of Australia’s hottest bands at the time, he could not have imagined that some day this long haired git with the tight pants and the outsized package would be his boss.

The rise of regional radio audience measurement surveys

Saturday 03 December, 2016

Regional radio audience measurement surveys (RRAMS) were developed by Xtra Insights, in conjunction with Commercial Radio Australia, in response to the search for a new, cost-efficient research method for regional radio markets to gather up-to-date information.

Ryan "Ryno" Khay is moving on

Monday 24 August, 2015

EON Broadcasting has announced Ryan ‘Ryno’ Khay is moving to a new role and has accepted an appointment in Papua New Guinea.

After more than 4 years as the Content Director for EON Broadcasting on the Sunshine Coast, Ryno has accepted the role of Operations Manager & Program Director in commercial radio for RAIT 99.5 in Port Moresby.

Ryno lived in PNG for four years as a child with his family, and is looking forward to investing more time into his other passions of music production and song writing.

Mix FM the big winner in first survey for ten years

Wednesday 10 June, 2015

Results from the first all-of-industry radio ratings survey on the Sunshine Coast for ten years are in. 

The winner is Mix FM 92.7 with a 19.2% share all people 10+, and 20% share in breakfast.

Sea FM 91.9 followed with a 15.2% share all people 10+, and a 14.4% in breakfast.

Triple J was third with a 10.9% share all people 10+, and a 10.3% breakfast share.

Revenue growth for Sea FM and Mix FM Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

Oceania Capital Partners, investment company behind Sea FM and Mix FM on the Sunshine Coast, has reported $4.5m in revenue in its half-yearly financial report, a 17.3% increase from last year.

This includes revenue of $4m and profit of $900,000 before tax from the operations of Sunshine Coast Broadcasters.

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