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KIIS targets FOX and NOVA in new TVC

Monday 11 March, 2019
KIIS 101.1, Melbourne have released two new tvcs to promote their breakfast duo, Jase & PJ.
The commercials show concerned friends and family staging separate ‘interventions’ for two Melbourne locals, Rachel and Tim, urging them to assess their radio listening habits at Breakfast and move on from their old station.


KIIS goes all-in with 5 million

Friday 01 February, 2019

While other radio stations in Sydney and Melbourne are bragging about their million-dollar giveaways, KIIS 1065 and KIIS 101.1 have launched the biggest cash prize in radio history with their 5 Million Dollar Free Money Frenzy.

Jase 'breaks' a leg just to get out of a workout

Wednesday 31 October, 2018
KIIS 1011’s Jase & PJ teamed with Bras N Things and Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner for their ‘Workout & Wines’ event which was held on Saturday at Mt Duneed Estate near Geelong.
Jase had always joked about how he wasn’t really looking forward to the ‘workout’ part of the day, and disaster struck on Thursday night when he had an accident on his child’s scooter and injured himself.

Jase and PJ on how to get an A+ in Radio Chemistry

Monday 29 October, 2018

Peter Saxon has ways to make them talk...

Jase & PJ's new sensation: Workout and Wines

Thursday 18 October, 2018

As everyone knows, Savignon Blanc doesn't blend with Semillon unless it comes from Margaret River in W.A. 

Now, you wouldn't think that a Workout and Wines wouldn't mix either. And you'd be right, judging by the video KIIS101.1's Jase &PJ tasting wines while on a treadmill

Fortunately, that’s not quite what is going to happen at Jase & PJ’s Workout & Wine event.

Jase & PJ turn Kananook Primary into a School of Rock

Tuesday 21 August, 2018

This is what more radio giveaways should look like.

Jase & PJ 'make the move' from being Always Awkward

Friday 03 August, 2018
In case you'd missed it, Jase & PJ, KIIS 101.1, have moved on from being “Always Awkward”.


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