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3D Sound experiment calms violent clubbers: Martyn Ware #IRFradiofest

Friday 02 November, 2018

Founding member of The Human League, Martyn Ware, spoke about the power of sound and music at the International Radio Festival in Malta.
“I never learnt music, I can’t read a note, but I’ve always had a good ear for music and been interested in experimenting with sound and technology,” he said.
“I’ve sold 60 million records without ever having a music lesson… I just love futuristic sound.”

A mission to reach new young audiences on new platforms: BBC Sounds launched at #IRFradiofest

Friday 02 November, 2018
BBC Radio has just launched the new BBC Sounds app, which showcases live and catch up radio, plus podcasts and specially commissioned content to British audiences.
The new app is targeted at young audiences who are no longer listening to traditional radio sets.
Speaking at the International Radio Festival, the BBC’s Paul Smith outlined the strategy for the new app.

Absolute Radio, a ten year old over achiever #IRFradiofest

Thursday 01 November, 2018
  • A record 4.9 million listeners per week
  • 1.2 million listeners added in the past 3 years
  • No 1 UK commercial radio breakfast show
  • More awards than any other UK Commercial radio station.

At today’s International Radio Festival conference in Malta, Absolute Radio’s content director Paul Sylvester shared the secrets of the success of the UK’s youngest commercial network.

Radio keeps advancing with new technology: Joanna Spitteri #IRFradiofest

Thursday 01 November, 2018
At the opening of today’s International Radio Festival Conference, Joanna Spitteri CEO of the Malta Broadcasting Authority, welcomed delegates to her island and spoke about radio in Malta.
There are 13 National Broadcaster stations in Malta and 24 long term community radio stations in the country.
There are 10 more short term special event stations and 4 local commercial stations. All stations have been on DAB+ since 1991.
Before 1991 there was only the public service broadcaster stations.

Radio's resurgence fits today’s earphone generation: #IRFradiofest

Thursday 01 November, 2018
Steve Ahern reports from the International Radio Festival in Malta.

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