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hit92.9’s office heart-throb Sam takes love to new heights

Monday 27 June, 2016

We all know love can have your stomach twisting into knots, but can two strangers playing a game of Twister spark a love interest?
Following hit92.9’s social experiment ‘Date While You Wait’, hit92.9’s Sam set up his Twister mat at the top of exercise hotspot Jacobs Ladder, and poured his heart out to the single ladies of Perth.
Dating one girl at a time, Sam’s breath was taken away when presented with the opportunity to date TWO girls at the same time...

hit92.9 single gal Tori hunts for perfect stranger

Wednesday 25 May, 2016
First dates are awkward enough without meeting your perfect partner on film but hit92.9’s Tori wasn’t going to let that stop her as she took part in our social experiment, ‘Date While You Wait.’
Taking place at Small Print Café, single gal Tori recently offered customers the chance to speed date with her while they wait for their coffees but there’s a catch … the lads or ladettes that impressed her enough also scored their coffee for free.
We know what you’re thinking … love and free coffee … where do I sign up?

Bill Shorten hits two stations in Perth for Breakfast

Monday 23 May, 2016
Opposition leader, Bill Shorten eschewed the traditional commercial AM talk shows for FM breakfast visiting not one but two FM stations on Monday in Perth.

Of course, it’s easier when both stations, hit92.9 and mix94.5, are in the same building. 

At hit92.9 it was Heidi, Will & Woody’s love show with Mr Shorten opening up about what love means to him and the story around how he met his wife.

All the action from hit92.9 at the Rotto Swim

Monday 29 February, 2016
Heidi, Will & Woody spent the last few weeks on air forming the hit92.9 team for the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim, which took place on Saturday.
Shannon Eckstein, Neil Brooks, Will and Woody were all named as the final team.
From trying to break a world record for the longest distance across water that a pizza can be hand delivered… to no training on Will and Woody’s behalf… and of course, the Rotto Swim title at stake – see how it all played out:


The ultimate sabotage

Thursday 11 February, 2016
hit92.9 have a team in this year’s Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim and in the lead up, Heidi Will and Woody are planning to sabotage all the other ‘high profile’ teams.
Former Bachelorette star, Richie Strahan thought he was up for a simple race against Will in the pool – but then, things took a cruel turn.

As Richie and Will began their race, Woody stole all of Richie’s training gear including all of his clothes and dumped it in the middle of Perth CBD.

Gallery: Perth's first World Famous Rooftop

Thursday 04 February, 2016

International superstar, Adam Lambert performed live and exclusively for hit92.9 as the station hosted its first ever World Famous Rooftop gig in Perth this week. 
Lambert wasn’t  going to Perth on his Australian tour so hit92.9 flew him over for an up close and intimate gig with some of his biggest fans. 
Around 250 listeners plus VIP guests landed tickets to come along and hear Lambert belt out his biggest hits including The Original High and Ghost Town.

Perth wakes up to pleasure drone

Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Since drones became available to the public, we're pretty sure radio stations all around the country were bailing up their accountants and GM's asking to buy a drone.  Well, it seems the team at Perth's hit92.9 have twisted a few arms and got themselves a drone of their own.

Breaking celeb goss

Monday 17 August, 2015
Charlotte Crosby has split with Mitch Jenkins.
The now single UK reality TV star broke the news to Heidi, Will & Woody on Perth’s hit92.9 in her brand new weekly segment with the show, as their UK correspondent.

Charlotte saved the news of the break up until this morning.
“I haven’t actually announced it in England yet, but we’ve split up,” said Charlotte.

Heidi, Will and Woody give away thousands to "The One"

Friday 08 May, 2015
It took some time, but eventually hit92.9 gave away $20,000 this morning.

Listeners were asked to enter online to be "The One" and answer a few simple questions about themselves.

One person was then selected and without already knowing it they had won $10,000.

Listeners were encouraged to tune into hit92.9 as clues were revealed about "The One's" identity based on the answers given on-line. Family, friends and colleagues were encouraged to let their mate know that it could be them we were talking about.


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