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Hamish and Andy

Top 3 things that are special about Australian Radio: Craig Bruce

Friday 01 August, 2014
Last month Craig Bruce was part of the Hivio audio future festival, discussing how to make great audio entertainment and developing and nurturing talent.

He says every radio company in Australia is in a race to find great talent. "We have to get to them first and invest our time and focus in mentoring them...You're gonna kiss a lot of toads along the way, but we must take every opportunity to bring new talent into the business."

Hamish and Andy claim a new colony

Wednesday 30 July, 2014
The Today Network’s Hamish and Andy have made landfall and taken their exciting first steps on 'The People’s Island.'

After rowing the gruelling 200 metres from the neighbouring Marble Island to reach Iron Island, the boys arrived with anticipation, before climbing to the top with a trumpet, machete and a flag to mark their triumphant arrival.

Hamish and Andy’s journey to The People’s Island was broadcast on their national Today Network Show, Happy Hour this afternoon.

Hamish and Andy embark on a sea voyage to reach The People’s Island

Wednesday 30 July, 2014
The Today Network’s Hamish and Andy will set off on an exciting voyage this afternoon to reach a small island off the coast of Rockhampton, in the final leg of their epic journey towards what they have crowned “The People’s Island”.

After a 200 metre dingy ride battling the elements, Hamish and Andy will take their much-anticipated first steps on The People’s Island, formally called Iron Island, where they will inspect their surrounds on behalf of the people. 

Spooning with Hamish, Andy, Fifi and Dave

Thursday 26 June, 2014
With winter well and truly here, there’s nothing better than a little bit of good ol’ spooning to keep warm.

After receiving a call from listener Anna, who was facing a cold and lonely winter, Fifi and Dave came to the rescue today with Spoon for June.
Fifi and Dave brought Anna into Fox FM's 'spoon room' with a mission to keep her warm on what was an 11 degree morning in Melbourne.

Hamish & Andy are back doing Drive Mon-Fri

Sunday 22 June, 2014
For two weeks only.

After a four year ‘gap,’ Hamish & Andy are bringing The People’s Show back to drive time for two weeks starting next Monday 30 June – Pants Off Fridays included.

They’ll be filling in for the new regular Drive time hosts Dan and Maz who are going on a two week holiday.

Head of Today Network, Dave Cameron said, “Having Hamish and Andy as a 'fill-in' is like subbing in Tim Cahill for the Sunday kick-around.”

​Hamish and Andy say a prayer for SCA

Monday 03 February, 2014
At last week’s big launch in Sydney, SCA brought out its stars headed by Hamish and Andy who led the congregation of clients, shareholders, media, talent and executives in prayer.

We managed to get hold of a bootlegged recording of the two minute prayer.

The sound is a bit dodgy but the sentiment's divine.


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