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The Grill Team Triple M

Onya Matty! Johns’ Australia Day message a bewdy!

Tuesday 26 January, 2016

Grill Team Sydney’s Matty Johns has delivered a powerful Australia Day message on Triple M that’s trading and receiving plenty of praise on social media.

The ex-NRL star, turned breakfast presenter, gave a heartfelt plea for Australians to look forward rather than the yearn for the past. 

He spoke passionately in favour of multiculturalism and how immigrants have enhanced this country, "They've all come. They've stayed and they've made this joint better.”

Marto and Ed Kavalee dissect the Liberal leadership spill

Tuesday 15 September, 2015

This morning on Triple M Breakfast Brisbane, Marto and Ed Kavalee spoke to some key politcial players about the Liberal leadership spill. Joined by Clive Palmer and Dr John Hewson the Grill Team discussed the affect that yet another leadership spill will have on the country. 

Hewson had this to say about the Spill:

Grill Team shows class as they give coaching clinic on how to dump

Monday 17 August, 2015

Comment from Peter Saxon 

They may come for the Rock but they stay for the breakfast. 

Without meaning to put the mockers on them for the next survey (August 25) Triple M’s resurgence and particularly the slow but steady climb of Sydney’s Grill Team has much to do with the credibility they’ve built as sports mavens.

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