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Fitzy lets Wippa know winter is coming

Thursday 01 June, 2017
On NOVA 96.9 Fitzy's season changing antics on Wippa have continued with Game of Throne’s reference ‘Winter is coming'.

Watch here:


Game of Thrones star sausage roll tasting

Friday 24 June, 2016
Even Game of Thrones star Eugene Simon is a fan of the famous Kalgoorlie sausage roll.

So much in fact, that he continued to eat after his interview with Nathan, Nat & Shaun.

Eugene, who plays Lancel Lannister on the TV series Game of Thrones, dropped by for a chat with the Nova 93.7 Breakfast team – and it quickly derailed.

After professing his love for a good pastry, a world-famous Kalgoorlie Lunchbowl sausage roll was brought out of the freezer, into the oven and heated for him to try.

Game of Thrones actor takes on Fitzy in the ring

Thursday 02 June, 2016
Poor Fitzy!

Nova 969 set up Blindfold Wrestling with Fitzy & Wippa in an inflatable boxing ring…but Wippa stiched him up.

Just as the wresting began Wippa ducked out of the ring and Game Of Thrones ‘The Mountain’ took his place.

Hafthor Bjornsson is Europe's strongest man who famously took the role of The Mountain in the TV series Game Of Thrones.

Take a look what happened when the 190kg , 6 foot 7 inch Mountain stepped into the ring.


What's going on north of the wall?

Friday 24 April, 2015
With the temperature starting to drop in Brisbane, it's a fair sign winter is on its way.

So Hit105’s Stav & Abby decided to see which side of the city would reign supreme in the ultimate Game of Thrones style battle for wintery supremacy: Stav & Abby’s JON SNOWball Fight!

After 2 weeks of piecing together teams (Stav championing the North, Abby leading the South) the team dumped 5 tonnes of snow at ‘Neutral Ground’ below the Storey Bridge for an epic snow battle.

Boss gets the fright of his life

Wednesday 18 June, 2014
Southern Cross Austereo's Sydney GM got the fright of his life this morning after his Game of Thrones obsessed staff decided to prank him.

One of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones ambushed Jeremy Simpson on the way to his morning meeting.

Here's the reaction.

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