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No ratings, no worries. Agencies get close to The Edge

Friday 28 March, 2014

Amidst the euphoria of a stunning start to the year for its new KIIS brand as well as a resurgent WS-FM, ARN’s top brass may have been forgiven for opting out of last night’s function for their lesser known third brand, The Edge 96.ONE. But no, CEO Ciaran Davis, Network PD, Duncan Campbell were both there along with a bevy of senior execs including Edge and WSFM PD Charlie Fox to lend enthusiastic support to this unique station that serves up hip hop and dance hits to the ethnically diverse youth of the western suburbs of Sydney.

Apart from the big move by K & J, what did you think of Survey One?

Thursday 13 March, 2014

Peter Saxon asks the Three Wise Men of FM

Given the hype surrounding the defection of Kyle and Jackie O to KIIS, one could easily have been seduced by the notion that that was the only interesting aspect of survey one in the new era of GfK.

For a start, it should be said that apart from the “big move”  there were no obvious surprises. If no one had told you, you wouldn’t have suspected there’d been a change in survey providers after 66 years. 2GB and 3AW remained in their heaven and all was well.

​Picking through the pieces after survey one

Wednesday 12 March, 2014

It was, no doubt, the survey of the century. A genuine game changer. Craig Bruce, Duncan Campbell and Paul Jackson survey the scene

In the history of Australian radio, only  John Laws and Alan Jones have been able to take an audience with them from one station to another. But neither of them have moved so much of their audience in just one survey like Kyle and Jackie O just have.

It went off without a hitch: Duncan Campbell

Monday 20 January, 2014
radioinfo caught up with ARN National Content Director Duncan Campbell at the KIIS launch this morning and got his opinion on the new KIIS format and the station's future with Kyle and Jackie O.

View the interview below:

​The selling of Kyle and Jackie O

Monday 16 December, 2013

Ben Gialouris was promoted to Sales Director of Mix 106.5, WSFM and The Edge in Sydney just a couple of weeks before the big announcement that Kyle and Jackie O would be joining the network in 2014. And while the 34 year old is thrilled about the potential numbers they’ll bring to the new KIIS brand, he insists, “We’ve always been about driving results for clients, not ratings.”

Last Survey Serves Up a Dead Rubber as Combatants Eye Next Year

Wednesday 11 December, 2013

Peter Saxon speaks to all Three Wise Men of FM.

Survey 8 was pretty much a dead rubber for the big three commercial FM networks. ARN could not care less that MIX Breakfast closed on a 3.3 share any more than SCA felt the need to worry about the 0.8 drop experienced by Kyle and Jackie O. In fact, they’d be hoping it’s a trend they’ll take to their new home at KIIS.

​2014 is going to be the year of DMG and ARN

Monday 02 December, 2013

Duncan Campbell tells Peter Saxon why. 

Dont believe everything you read about Kyle and Jack in the newspaper: Craig Bruce

Monday 04 November, 2013

“There haven’t been any negotiations with ARN. I am the source and I am the real story and there haven’t been any up until this point so don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper,” says SCA’s Head of Content Craig Bruce.

And ARN’s Network Content Director Duncan Campbell pretty much backs him up to the extent that there were no talks with the 2Day breakfast duo prior to the announcement that they would not return to the station next year. However, he admits that, “Talks are on, but nothing’s been agreed.”


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