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Thursday 07 April, 2016

Dan and Maz have been back on 2Day since January 23rd, doing weekends, after vacating the weekday breakfast shift to make way for Rove and Sam.

With some extra time on his hands, Dan Debuf is now branching out to the world of podcasting.

Dan & Maz's last show on 2Day breakfast

Saturday 24 October, 2015

Dan, Maz and their team celebrated the end of their run on 2Day breakfast yesterday at the pub.

Dan and Maz break kiss record

Wednesday 19 August, 2015
If you work at a radio station, it's always a good idea to keep a low profile - especially if you're single, and the self proclaimed 'Most Eligible Bachelor' in the office.  Otherwise you could end up being roped into your breakfast teams latest crazy idea.

Only On Radio: Cecil the Lion speaks to Steve Irwin

Tuesday 04 August, 2015
Radio’s unique quality as “theatre of the mind” was brought into sharp relief this morning - as well as stretched to its limits of credulity - on Sydney’s hit104.7 2DayFM Breakfast with Dan & Maz.

2DayFM’s RnB Friday’s stretches to new heights

Friday 31 July, 2015

2DayFM breakfast hosts Dan & Maz today joined with popular Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, Lola Berry to host the first RnB Yoga class in Sydney.

2DayFM’s end of the week playlist, ‘RnB Friday’s’, has taken off in social media during the past few weeks and now Dan & Maz have added Yoga to the Friday feature format.
Maz Compton said:

Dan and Maz go round the twist

Thursday 30 July, 2015
English musician, DJ, singer, and record producer Mark Ronson is in Sydney.

Prior to a gig at the Horden Pavilion he caught up with  2DayFM’S Breakfast hosts Dan & Maz, where Ronson was reminded of a certain music challenge set by Dan Debuf a few months ago...

The radio duo encouraging Ronson to drop the ever popular kids TV music theme sound ‘Round the Twist’ into his set.

Morgan Freeman tells Dan Debuf to F*** himself

Thursday 25 June, 2015
Ted 2 opens in cinemas across Australia today.

hit104.1 2DayFM’s Dan & Maz caught up with one of the stars Morgan Freeman, who plays an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues.

The chat marked the "single greatest achievement" of Dan Debuf's life.

Morgan Freeman cursing him!

Take a listen.


Hilltop on the Rooftop

Tuesday 21 April, 2015

Australian hip hop group, Hilltop Hoods, performed LIVE for hit 104.1 2DayFM’s World Famous Rooftop - except that it was in the Sydney Town Hall.

No matter… the rooftop’s like church, it’s anywhere you make it. And anywhere that preachers turn up. In this case it was Dan Debuf and Maz Compton along with choir boy and Scoopla Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill plus Shazam Top 20 Co-hosts Angus O’Loughlin and Ash London plus 200 prize winners.

Dan and Maz: There's no such thing as a free lunch

Thursday 26 March, 2015

Would you trade your dead Grandma’s ring for tickets to Ed Sheeran – or your Mum’s secret recipe for Lasagne (with a bottle of red)?

It appears people would.

Hit 104.1 2DayFM’s Dan & Maz have tickets to see Ed Sheeran live on the World Famous Rooftop but as they have done in the past there are no free tickets! They want something in return.

Along with the inherited ring and lasagne recipe they’ve traded tickets for:

A bar fridge
An acoustic guitar
3 invitations to weddings in October

Radio announcers 'suck face' in the latest viral sensation

Monday 23 March, 2015
It’s the 2015 version of the Ice Bucket Challenge with radio stations around the world jumping on board and it’s just hit our shores.
All you need to do is make a video of you and someone else eating a Twizzler, Lady-and-The-Tramp style (two people chowing down on the ends of a piece of licorice), then nominate your friends, families, BFFs or frenemies to take the challenge or donate to raise money for programs and services supporting Autism.


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