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Eddie McGuire: a true radio Game Changer

Monday 25 April, 2016
Craig Bruce hosts Game Changers: Radio. Episode 3

The Breakfast Radio Ritual: Craig Bruce

Friday 22 April, 2016

Former SCA Head of Content Craig Bruce gives some good advice about Breakfast Shows in his third column for radioinfo.   

Listen to his Game Changer podcasts and see past columns here.

Think about your morning ritual for a moment. Some call it a routine, but mine feels more like a ritual.

I get up at exactly the same time every morning.

I eat the same breakfast.

Radio Game Changers Episode 2: Chrissie Swan

Sunday 17 April, 2016
Game Changers presenter Craig Bruce, says, "For performers like Chrissie Swan, it’s critical that she feels supported by her Content Director."

In this interview you'll hear:

I’ve finally made it in radio!

Thursday 14 April, 2016

radioinfo is delighted to welcome SCA's former Head of Content Craig Bruce to our contributors' roster. This is his second article.

Marty Sheargold: Game Changer: Radio

Sunday 10 April, 2016

A new podcast, hear it first here.

NOVA’s Marty Sheargold leads Game Changers: Radio

Thursday 07 April, 2016
Craig Bruce hosts a new interview series with people who have been at the forefront of change in radio. 

radioinfo readers will be the first to hear the inaugural podcast on radioinfo from midnight Sunday.

First up is Marty Sheargold. co-host of Australia’s top rating Drive show, Kate, Tim and Marty.

In the hour long interview, Marty talks about:

Jay, the Bad Producer

Monday 04 April, 2016

Talk to Jay Mueller and you’d swear he’d spent a good part of his radio career on-air. His voice is rich and resonant. His speech is crisp, every word clearly enunciated. He would have made a great jock. 

In fact, that’s what he wanted to be in his formative years. But then after he got a job as a reporter on local TV things turned out differently. He ended up behind behind the scenes - and loved it. Still does.

Born in the USA, Mueller still calls Phoenix Arizona home. It was here he became Chief of Staff for the local FOX TV outfit, KSAZ. 

Insights in Content and Leadership

Sunday 03 April, 2016

Craig Bruce now on radioinfo

Who has read Craig Bruce’s article The Word of God today?

Wednesday 17 February, 2016

Who has read Craig Bruce’s article The Word of God today?

It’s a ripper on the handing down of radio rules from the “Gods” that are blindly followed without question by the masses.

Craig is talking about breakfast benchmarks, being local and giving away wads of cash, and he’s suggesting the rules be broken and invest the wads of cash elsewhere.

Craig Bruce: "Life is very different in a good way"

Friday 29 January, 2016

Craig Bruce is back in the world of radio and working as a consultant with Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast.
“…just helping HT whilst they find a content director, focused purely on breakfast and drive. It’s a 12-week project”.
After 27 years with SCA, Craig Bruce left  in August last year and set up his own consulting company.


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