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Test driving an Audi connected car dashboard #RDE18

Tuesday 20 March, 2018

The latest Audi A8 is on display at RadioDays Europe.

Audi is a thought leading company when it comes to connected cars.

The model on display has a fully connected dashboard entertainment system, which can use the embedded SIM Card in the car or tether to the SIM from the driver's phone.

It can seamlessly switch between the different transmissions of broadcast radio, AM, FM and Digital Radio, saving the driver from incurring data costs, and when the signal goes out of range it can find the station again from its stream to continue listening.

Financial analyst off track with his predictions about radio industry disruption

Friday 05 January, 2018

Comment by Steve Ahern

Citi analyst David Kaynes appears to have lost his way in an analysis of the radio industry's next challenge - digital disruption in cars.

Perhaps he is using an old street directory, instead of a mapping app, because his analysis seems way out of date and fails to take into account many of the things the radio industry has already done to prepare for digital disruption in cars.

Fred Jacobs on connected cars at #RDE16

Saturday 19 March, 2016

America, a country with so many cars, is the canary in the coal mine that will indicate how people will consume radio, and other connected media, in cars into the future.
“Like the radio industry, the car industry is seeing a lot of disruption,” said Jacobs, who works with car manufacturers to see what new car purchasers are thinking about when they want to buy a new car.

Auto makers showcase in-car entertainment apps at CES in Las Vegas

Monday 13 January, 2014

This report from the US Consumer Electronics Show has been filed for radioinfo by Trevor Long.

Anyone who knows me knows I love radio, I love technology and I love cars.  Tragic really, but also fantastic when all three come together at the largest technology show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

New car radio systems could include targeted advertising

Wednesday 08 January, 2014

The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show has opened with more than 3,200 exhibitors across two million square feet of exhibit space in Las Vegas. Exhibitors at the show always display a sneak preview of their latest most innovative products.

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