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WTF: Where’s the funding? Ally Newton #CBAAConf

Saturday 26 October, 2019

Ally Newton offered her audience chocolate prizes as they focused on how they could work towards the big prize of winning CBF grants for their station, at a CBAA Conference session on funding.

She began by outlining, who is the CBF and who do they fund, then discussed key principles for writing a grant.

The primary purpose of the CBF is to support community media by offering grants for content, development and operations.

Tips for recruiting and retaining volunteers in community radio #CBAAConf

Saturday 26 October, 2019

In a session on volunteering, hosted by Geoff Sharp from Volunteering Victoria, a range of topics were discussed from how to get more volunteers to engaging young people.

“It is really easy to write a cheque or make a donation but there is nothing more valuable in this modern age than time. When you volunteer you give your time, that has high value,” said Sharp.

Asked the most important thing they have learnt from managing volunteers, the two panel members said:

Tell sponsors the benefits of working with you station: Stephen Pead #CBAAConf

Saturday 26 October, 2019

Sponsorship is the area where many community stations struggle, so in Stephen Pead’s session at the CBAA Conference, he gave some useful tips on how to increase funding from sponsors.  

Don’t rely solely on sponsors, he warned, make sure there is a mix of income streams such as memberships, fund raising, grants as well as sponsors.

“You have to follow the rules and acknowledge the sponsorship, then maximise the results for your sponsors.

"Maximise your opportunities, tell potential sponsors what’s in it for them.

Have conversations that explore the topic: Interviewing tips at #CBAAConf

Saturday 26 October, 2019

A group of current affairs producers and presenters spoke about their programs and gave interviewing tips during the CBAA Conference in Melbourne.

Lisa Daniel, the host and producer of Word for Word (Joy FM), Jiselle Hannah, the host and producer of Acccent on Women (3CR) and Anthony Dockrill, producer of Fourth Estate (2SER) gave tips on interviewing within the communtiy radio sector.

Different devices have different audience behaviours: James Cridland #CBAAConf

Saturday 26 October, 2019

James Cridland begun his presentation to the CBAA Conference with a history of radio and technology changes, and debunked the myth that video, and all the other new technologies, killed the radio star.

“As you might have guessed, radio is still large… it was not killed by those technologies.

“Radio is very big, we sometimes forget that.  65% of audio we put into our ears is live radio.

“Podcasting is only 8% despite all the public relations coverage it gets.”

Community broadcasting sector expands news services and hires Canberra correspondent #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019

At the CBAA Conference Abe Killian and Ian Gunn introduced the Collaborative News Network for community broadcasters.

The new system, funded by a special government grant, will link community radio stations with newsrooms together to share content, and will offer the combined content of the community sector’s news activities to smaller stations which do not have the resrouces to make their own bulletins.

“If we share our work we can use the slim resources we have to make better bulletins and increase your audience,” said Killian.

Changes in media prompted us to ask about the future of radio: ACMA's James Cameron #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019

ACMA Authority Member James Cameron spoke about the regulator's recent consultation on the Future of Radio at today's CBAA Conference.

“Changes in media have prompted us to ask the question how best the future of radio can be facilitated. It was a fact gathering exercise…”

Some of the things the ACMA has learnt from the consultancy so far are:

Our case made it clear what it looks like when press freedom is lost: Peter Greste #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019
At the CBAA Conference today Peter Greste told his own story about being imprisoned for doing the work of journalism.

250 journalists are currently in prison around the world for their work as journalists. Many have been charged with anti-state activities such as treason, sedition and terrorism just for doing their jobs.

While press freedom is a world issue, and has also become a prominent national issue in Australia, it is also a grass roots issue.

Community radio is truly local, with voices by your siblings, relatives and neighbours #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019
Speaking at the opening of the CBAA Conference today, President Philip Randall told delegates about the consolidation of media and the importance of community broadcasting.

“Media is consolidating, these changes present community broadcasters with great challenges and opportunities.

“Community radio is truely local, with voices by your siblings, relatives and neighbours. It reflects your local identity.”

“A healthy democracy cannot function without a free media,”
he said, discussing the current campaign for media freedom.


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