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Community radio listeners close to 5 million

Friday 17 April, 2015

Research released today shows that 1 in 4 Australians are tuning into community radio each week, and the reason it seems is "local, local, local".

According to the latest Community Radio National Listener Survey, released by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, people are spending an average of 17 hours each week listening to community radio, with the majority of listeners describing community radio services as valuable.

Community radio network commissioning new content segments

Tuesday 17 March, 2015

The Community Radio Network, CBAA’s national program distribution service, is seeking short series for distribution to stations for drop-in use during magazine programming.

The work is open to to community radio broadcasters or producers and requires permission from one’s station to participate. It gives presenters and producers a chance to flex their creative thinking, develop production skills, and share radio content on a national platform.

$500 payments will be made on delivery of a 10-pt series of segments

Last chance to enter National Features and Documentary Series

Wednesday 11 March, 2015

The National Features and Documentary Series is a CBAA run competition to encourage storytelling from new and emerging producers around Australia.

Any supporter of an Australian community radio station can submit one 28 minute radio feature or documentary here.

Selected candidates will receive mentoring and training from the Community Media Training Organisation at no cost and be paid for bringing your feature or documentary idea to fruition. 

CBAA launches new website

Thursday 26 February, 2015

CBAA has launched a new website, reducing clutter on the homepage and breaking the site up into the categories of broadcasters, listeners and musicians.

The website is laid out in a tiled format with slick new graphics and easier navigation.

Along with the website launch, CBAA has introduced new member benefits including free HR support, discounted ArtsHub memberships and discounted Pro Bono Australia services.

CBAA's new strategic plan

Thursday 26 February, 2015

The Community Broadcasting Association has released a new strategic plan which aims to "champion community broadcasting by building stations’ capability and creating a healthy environment for the sector to thrive."

The CBAA's strategic plan focuses on serving "the 5 million people that listen to community radio across Australia each week, the 22,000 people that give their time to their local station as volunteers and the dedicated staff that push more than 400 stations to serve their communities even better."

The plan has three strategic priotities:

Sponsorship and fundraising: How to do it better in Community Radio #CBAAconf

Saturday 08 November, 2014

For community radio, sponsorship and fundraising are vital to keep the station on air.

At the CBAA Conference yesterday we heard from Matt Balogh and Christian Geilen of McNair Ingenuity Research, who took us through ways to use the National Listener Survey to best advantage.
The National Listener Survey data provides the sector with two viewpoints from the same data pool.

Community broadcasting and media transformation #CBAAconf

Saturday 08 November, 2014
What is the role of community broadcasting in the contemporary media landscape and how are people currently consuming the media we produce? Our reporter Jess Pantou attended a session discussing this topic at today's CBAA Conference in Adelaide.

radioinfo's Steve Ahern opened a Q&A style panel session this morning to address these loaded questions.

Why is Community Radio important? #CBAAconf

Friday 07 November, 2014
Delegates were invited to have their say this morning as Nick Ingram facilitated a session on how each station contributes to its community. He put the idea to the crowd that, “we all need, as a sector, a coherent story about why we are important.”

Nick went on to highlight three key ideas that are vital to any community station:
  • Contributing to an open society
  • A strong democracy
  • A Vibrant Culture 

Technological changes are commas in the endless flow of innovation: HG at #CBAAConf

Friday 07 November, 2014

Recalling the days when he began his career on community radio station 3RRR Melbourne, Greg Pickhaver, aka HG, told CBAA Conference delegates “in those days Carlton was the centre of the universe… we were confident that we were leading the country in the arts, music, football and that gloriously uncertain sport of horse racing, if you didn't like that you could piss off!"

Community broadcasting encourages democracy and maintains vibrant culture: Adrian Basso at #CBAAConf

Friday 07 November, 2014

Opening the CBAA Conference in Adelaide today, President Adrian Basso told delegates community broadcast funding was under threat earlier this year.

"When the commission of audit report proposed that community broadcast funding be abolished, the CBAA mobilised thousands of people and on budget night we shone through... the funding was not cut."

He said community broadcasters are "a key Australian broadcasting pillar that helps build a strong democracy and maintain a vibrant culture."


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