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CRA report shows commercial radio reaches 5.2M with personal investments

Wednesday 05 February, 2020

GfK and Commercial Radio Australia have released the Finance & Investments category report, providing media agencies and radio sales teams an overview of some of the additional survey data available to them via Gold Standard software.
Key Insights include:

One from the Programmers: Radio now and in the future

Sunday 17 November, 2019

The third in a series of music research articles from Xtra Insights.

The new era of audio and media consumption

Friday 08 November, 2019
This is the second in a series of six music research articles for radioinfo from Xtra Insights.

Is music still the bricks of radio's format?

Wednesday 06 November, 2019

In the first of a series of research articles from Xtra Insights, exploring The Future of Music on Radio, Hannah Lovegrove explores listener attitudes to music and content in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

There was once a time when FM radio used to be all about the music.

Other content offerings like talk, news, weather and traffic updates, and advertisements were purely secondary, or the domain of AM.

Who listens to radio anyway?

Thursday 20 September, 2018

What’s behind the radio numbers and who is listening to the radio these days?
GfK’s John Carroll looked at those questions about radio numbers in last week’s Next Radio conference.
“The problem with predictions is that they are often wrong. Statements that say radio is dead are just clickbait…
“Young people have not fled radio, but they are listening to other forms of audio as well."


Young people want brilliant content all the time #RDE16

Saturday 19 March, 2016

In a Radio Days session on research, Patrick Collins, the head researcher for the BBC youth networks Radio 1 and 1Extra outlined some of the key characteristics young people aged 12-24 want from their media.
“Young people want brilliant content all the time…
“And they want control,” he said

Get inside your listener's mind: #RDE15

Sunday 29 March, 2015
At Radio Days Europe, we caught up with Mikkel Ottesen, who explained his company's analysis tool RadioAnalyzer.

The company started out with a simple vision, to enable stations to make better radio by using big data to analyze how listeners react to what they hear.

Beginning at the Danish National Broadcaster, DR, then spreading across Europe, the system reviews thousands of data sets each day and presents the information in useful form so that it can be used by programming and sales managers.

Streaming services compliment radio

Friday 23 January, 2015

A report by Bridge Ratings Media Research in Canada has revealed how music streaming can act to compliment radio stations. 

The report compares radio station’s playlists to the songs that their audience are consuming on streaming serves in a week.

The theory behind the research was that most people will listen to a wide variety of genres, spanning over a long period of time. Therefore, with the playlists on the heavily consumed “Top 40 stations” remaining current and narrow, the majority of their audience’s streamed music isn’t played on the station. 

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