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Amanda Keller

KIIS vs GOLD in All Star Family Feud

Monday 08 August, 2016

All Star Family Feud sees some of Australia’s best-known personalities faceoff against each other as they raise money for charity.
Representing the KIIS Network will be Meshel Laurie and Matt Tilley, from Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1 Matt & Meshel breakfast show, and Stacey June and Kirsty Mercer, hosts of KIIS FM’s The Thinkergirls national night show. KIIS will be playing for their charity McAuley Women’s Community Services.

Amanda Keller is a game changer

Monday 11 July, 2016
Talent Coach, Craig Bruce speaks to WSFM's Amanda Keller.

Amanda's contribution to radio and the community in Sydney has been so good over such a long period that she was awarded an Order of Australia in 2016.
If it’s true that great storytelling is at the heart of radio’s connection to its audience, then it is easy to see why Amanda is recognised as an elite radio performer. She started her career at 2MMM in the late 90s on the Andrew Denton Breakfast Show, and their on-air partnership resulted in a #1 show.

DJ Amanda takes over WSFM

Wednesday 25 May, 2016
Like any successful long-running partnership, over the years Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones and Amanda Keller have developed well-defined roles, for example, it’s Jonesy that does all the ‘on-air housekeeping’  like back announces and time calls.
So what happens when Jonesy takes a little too long in the kitchen making Amanda a coffee and doesn’t get back to the studio in time to do the back announce? DJ Amanda steps in!

Peter Saxon reviews Amanda Keller's book

Tuesday 27 October, 2015

Amanda Keller is a motivational trainer’s worst nightmare.

Though hugely successfully as both a radio and television broadcaster, she never had a specific goal or carefully laid out  7, 10 or 17 point plan to succeed. “It’s been a series of opening doors. And because I didn't have a path in my life that I thought - no that’s not part of my plan - I think that’s been the making of the jobs I’ve taken,” says Keller. 

Natural Born Keller

Thursday 22 October, 2015

Amanda Keller, co-host of WSFM101.7’s Jonesy & Amanda in the Morning has launched her own book.

Natural Born Keller; My Life and Other Palaver is published by Allen & Unwin and released today lifting the lid on life on-screen and off with not so longing looks back at growing up in the burbs in the decade taste forgot. 

Jonesy's plan backfires: Amanda Keller off to New York

Friday 12 June, 2015
It’s well-documented that WSFM’s Amanda Keller has a love for Barry Manilow.

She has loved him since she was a teenager, when posters of Barry covered her bedroom walls. Young Amanda’s diary entries were filled with fantasies of marrying Barry, wearing matching knitted sweaters and snuggling on the couch together.

Selling radio with passion and integrity: Mumbrella 360 Conference

Wednesday 03 June, 2015
Merrick Watts told participants at today's Mumbrella 360 Conference that live reads ads can "combine passion with integrity" if delivered well.

Responding to a question from moderator Paul Murray, WS breakfast presenter Amanda Keller said being a personality on radio is "not just about being a presenter, you have to be a friend...

Which radio presenter is going into the jungle?

Friday 23 January, 2015
Ten’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is getting the rumour mill turning, over which Australian stars will be entering the South African jungle.

In most Channel Ten ad breaks for the past month, an advertisement has been running promising a former cricketer, politician and most importantly, a radio presenter.

Who is it? “A TV and radio star”, was all that Channel Ten publicist Lucy would tell radioinfo today when we tried to make her spill the beans about just who the radio presenter is.

Ray Hadley helping out other stations?

Thursday 27 November, 2014
2GB morning announcer Ray Hadley had some fun today by hijacking Glenn Wheeler's 2CH breakfast show while Glenn took a wee break.

Hadley, preparing for his morning show, couldn't resist cruising into the temporarily empty studio and having his say about a quiz talkback caller.

Amanda Keller's cardiac scare

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

Amanda Keller spent the night in hospital after suffering from cardiac arrest type symptoms at the premiere of Unbroken last night.

Despite a rough night’s sleep, she was up to doing live crosses from her hospital bed this morning as a part Jonesy’s impromptu hourly “Mounce Watch” segment.

She told her Jonesy and her listeners that she was fine and doctors were just running final tests.

“I’ve done some work with the Victor Chang foundation and I know that symptoms for heart attacks for women aren’t like they are for men”


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