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RED FM's Alana & Robbie get engaged and call it quits

Tuesday 08 October, 2019

RED FM’s Alana McLean & Robbie Klitzing have decided to call time on their two and half year run on Breakfast on Red and leave WA to move to Melbourne, while also announcing their engagement.

For most couples, the ordeal of getting up together at 4.30AM, working together, attending functions, travelling and going home to the same house together would be too much, however, for Alana and Robbie it’s a combination that has just “worked” and it was evident early there was chemistry both on and off the mic.

Red FM's 18 day radio tour

Monday 27 May, 2019

Red FM’s Alana & Robbie swapped the high-heels and baseball caps for Akubras and Blundstones as they embarked on an epic 18 Day Radio Tour through Western Australia’s Kimberley Region.
Starting in Kununurra for the annual ‘Extraordinary Kununurra’ Tour which ran for 8 days, then straight into the ‘Love Broome’ Tour which ran for 10 Days, the Breakfast on Red team really covered some ground in Australia’s North West.

Red FM’s Alana & Robbie are Australia’s last Blockbuster Video members

Monday 11 March, 2019
It was the end of an era in Australia as the final Blockbuster Store in Australia shut its doors in the Perth suburb of Morley so Breakfast on Red presenters Alana McLean & Robbie Klitzing set themselves to be a part of Australian History and become the final Australian’s to sign up as members.

RED FM spreads the Movember message across North West WA

Wednesday 28 November, 2018

RED FM’s Alana & Robbie have travelled to the mining town of Newman in North West WA for the ‘BHP Red for Movember Tour’ in support of Movember and spoke with various BHP Executives and employees who shared their Movember stories.

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