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I though it would be easy... it wasn't. Brenno got me there: Alan Jones

Tuesday 14 October, 2014
Launching John Brennan's biography today, Alan Jones acknowledged Brenno's "remarkable contribution to Australian life."

He told guests at the launch that Brenno has the gratitude and respect of so many people in the Australian media, but more than respect, he is "universally loved" for his humility and his dedication to helping his colleagues achieve success.

Alan Jones fights to legalise medical marijuana

Sunday 31 August, 2014
Comment from Peter Saxon
It’s not hard to figure out on which side of the political fence Alan Jones sits. For 25 years he’s been the cheerleader in chief for the Liberals while booing the opposition at every opportunity. Yet, more recently, he’s taken on causes that have been left leaning, to say the least.

Get Up circles the wagons around the ABC on whiff of privatisation

Tuesday 12 August, 2014

In an email to it’s thousands of members, the left leaning activist group Get Up wrote: 

Get this, 

Today, the (Institute of Public Affairs) IPA released a report purporting to uncover "media bias" in the ABC's reporting on coal seam gas, mining and renewable energy, calling for our popular and iconic public broadcaster to be privatised as soon as possible. 

We actually had a good laugh, until we realised – this is no joke. 

Alan Jones explains yesterday's glitch: I don't know what the Klotz frames are

Wednesday 30 July, 2014
After yesterday's glitch, which disrupted Alan Jones' OB from Glasgow and part of Ray Hadley's mornings show (see our earlier report), Jones received an email from 2GB's chief engineer explaining the situation.

This morning, an amused Jones read out the email to his listeners:

"I don't know what the Klotz frames are," said Alan, then went on to explain the frame reset that make the Klotz desk work again.

Alan Jones speaks out in support of gay rights

Sunday 27 July, 2014

Is Alan Jones mellowing with age?

Last month Peter Saxon wrote an op ed piece for radioinfo subscribers on how arch conservative Alan Jones seems to be taking up progressive causes of late. Cases in point are Jones’ strident opposition to coal seam gas extraction through a process known as “fracking" and his passionate support for the legalisation of medical marijuana.

Communications Minister Turnbull dressed down by Alan Jones

Thursday 05 June, 2014
Communications MInister Malcolm Turnbull was dressed down this morning by Alan Jones for perceived disloyalty to the his party leader Tony Abbott.

At the start of the interview Jones asked Turnbull to make a statement of loyalty to his leader.

“Alan, I’m not going to take dictation from you,” replied Turnbull.

Let us eat cake!

Tuesday 03 June, 2014

The others can eat humble pie.

​Alan Jones sets the record straight as to who’s number one

Wednesday 12 March, 2014
Ray Hadley also takes the topic for a spin

This morning on 2GB, Alan Jones, took aim at the media, most of which reported KIIS and or Kyle and Jackie O as number one in Sydney.

Jones rightly pointed out that 2GB was, in fact, number one, by a long chalk and had been for 193 0ut of 194 surveys while his breakfast program produced a 15.2 share to Kyle & Jackie O’s 9.3.

He suggested that the main reason he was keen to set the record straight on behalf of 2GB’s hard working staff.

​Sir Michael Parkinson to host 26 shows for 2GB, 2CH

Tuesday 04 March, 2014
Legendary talk host and cricket commentator, Sir Michael Parkinson (Photo: Shutt

Changes in 2GB Newsroom, Jones still on the sick list

Wednesday 29 January, 2014

When she returns from covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Nat Peters will be moving in to the breakfast newsreader’s chair, with Mat Woolfrey as her editor.

Nat continues as Deputy News Director, working for News Director Erin Maher, who is afternoon reader and editor


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