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Top 50 most played songs in the first half of 2020: AirCheck

Wednesday 08 July, 2020

The first half of 2020 has been a time unlike any other. Between January and June, there were 114,565 different songs played over 2.3 million times on Australian radio according to a report from AirCheck Australia.

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ was the most played song for the first half of the year, amassing 19,584 spins across 31 stations.

The top 50 brands in the first half of 2020: AirCheck report

Sunday 05 July, 2020

With the first half of this year unlike any other, AirCheck Australia has tallied the Top 50 Most Advertised Brands.

As a whole, the number of ads on radio was down 10% compared with the same time frame last year. Between January and June in 2019 there were 4.3 million spots placed, while during this year that dropped to 3.9 million instances.

Harvey Norman was yet again out in front, with 101,324 ads placed on 51 stations, followed by National Tiles and Domayne.

Fox and Nova share over a third of their playlists: AirCheck

Friday 29 May, 2020

Over the last four weeks, Fox FM and Nova100 had the highest crossover according to AirCheck Australia, sharing over a third of their playlists. During this time Fox played a wider range of tracks while Doja Cat’s ‘Say So' was the most played song on the two stations with 330 spins.

Stan tops Amazon on radio: AirCheck Australia

Wednesday 20 May, 2020

While Australians are all stuck in isolation, TV and streaming services have become more important than ever before.

Over the past two months Stan was the most advertised streaming service on radio and TV, amassing 8,586 spots across 56 radio stations and 8 television channels. Nova 969 Sydney placed the most Stan advertisements with 881 during this time.

In second place was Amazon Prime Video, placing over 4,000 less spots than Stan. TV channel 7Mate aired more ads than any other station with 511 instances, followed by Seven Sydney.

AirCheck's survey of chocolate advertisers for Easter

Wednesday 08 April, 2020

With Easter this long weekend, AirCheck Australia have compared the Chocolate advertisers on TV and radio over the past six weeks.

With over 8,300 ads in the Confectionery & Snacks category, Cadbury was the most advertised brand with 1,475 spots placed. Mondolez Australia dominated the list with four brands making the cut in the Top 10.

DAB+ station Coles Radio aired more Cadbury ads than any other station with 202 spots on each its stations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Cars & Trucks top the ad categories for radio: AirCheck

Friday 03 April, 2020
This week AirCheck Australia have compared the top categories between FM/AM and DAB+ radio for the first quarter of 2020.

Cars & Trucks was the top category for both FM/AM and digital radio while FM/AM aired 17,482 more ads. The numbers were much closer for the second most aired category, Banking & Financial Services with a 5,081 spot difference.

Car & Truck Dealers came in third place for FM/AM while it ranked tenth for digital radio.

Coles still leads DAB+ Advertisers: AirCheck Report

Wednesday 25 March, 2020

AirCheck Australia has compared the advertisements played on 80 DAB+ stations, finding Coles topped the list with over 17,000 spots placed on 69 digital stations.
Coles Radio WA played more ads for its own brand than any other station, airing 1,976 spots during the six-week period.

Sprite was the second most aired brand with 13,065 instances across 51 stations. National Tiles followed in third place with 11,215 ads on 29 DAB+ stations nationwide.

Nine Radio analysis: AirCheck Australia

Friday 20 March, 2020

After Nine Radio recently revived the 2UE, Magic 1278 and 4BH brands, AirCheck Australia has analysed the playlist crossovers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In Sydney, 2UE and WSFM shared the greatest crossover, sharing almost a third of their playlists, though 2UE played a wider range of music, spinning 142 tracks more than WSFM.
The most played track across the two stations was ‘And We Danced’ by The Hooters, earning 46 spins.

Valentine's Day advertisers on radio: AirCheck report

Thursday 13 February, 2020
With Valentine’s Day coming up, AirCheck Australia has compared the top Jewellers, Florists, Restaurants and Chocolate advertisers on radio during the last six weeks.

Argyle Jewellers had the most advertisements on air in the Jewellery category with 327 spots placed in Brisbane on 4BC and 4BH. Diamonds International followed closely behind, airing 322 ads.

Coles still leads DAB+ Advertisers: AirCheck

Friday 07 February, 2020

AirCheck Australia have compared the top advertisers on digital radio in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

During January, over 400,000 advertisements went to air for 448 different advertisers.

Coles dominated as the top brand, with 14,589 ads placed across 46 stations. Over two thirds of the instances were placed on Coles Radio stations in the five capital cities, while the rest were heard across SCA digital stations.


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