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The impact of 2020 on the future of advertising

Wednesday 17 March, 2021

One of the world's leading data and analytics agency, essence, has re-visited its predictions for advertising in 2030.
Pre-covid the company approached an elite group of marketing practitioners, executives, and academics to speculate on the future of advertising in the year 2030. 

Spotify's advertising pitch wraps 2020

Saturday 19 December, 2020

 Listeners to Spotify this month will have noticed a huge increase in the amount of advertisements on the audio platform in the lead up to Christmas.
The number of advertisers has increased too, including some who are not regularly heard on commercial radio.
Spotify has been pitching hard to the market as listening increased during covid and, more recently, in the lead up to the Christmas advertising period.

Global Forecast shows advertising weathers the storm: GroupM

Thursday 10 December, 2020

This year will, in some ways, be remembered as more of a mild setback than an industry-changing economic catastrophe for the media business, says GroupM Global VP of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser in GroupM’s Global Media Forecast This Year Next Year.

PWC's Outlook report's radio revenue predictions

Friday 20 November, 2020

PWC’s Australian Entertainment Media Outlook Report has predicted that radio revenue will remain steady over the next five years at about 2.7% to 2.8% of total media revenue spending.

While the report takes into account the short term effects of Covid, it has a much broader outlook, predicting forward to the state of the media industry until 2024.

There is more appetite for information: Nine Radio's latest research for advertisers

Wednesday 28 October, 2020
“Talk radio informs, and also helps people make decisions for their lives.”


Talk radio audiences are “informed, knowledgeable, empowered and influential,” according to research presented in the latest ‘It’s Time We Talked’ presentation

“The world has changed, talk radio has changed,” said Ben Fordham, who was part of a panel of personalities in a presentation that revealed new research about Nine Radio’s audience.

Radio advertising market improving: latest SMI figures

Friday 09 October, 2020

Australia's commercial media industry is continuing to show more signs of recovery as it emerges from the crushing COVID period, with August ad spend down just 17.2% in what has been the strongest improvement in ad market demand since the depths of the crisis.

While it is not positive territory growth, the figures show less decline than in recent months, which, under the circumstances, is good news.

Advertise to people who have money... talk radio

Thursday 09 July, 2020
Incoming 3AW breakfast presenter and advertising executive Russel Howcroft has told a virtual presentation at The Big Ideas Store:

“If you’re not advertising on talk radio you are missing out on a lot of wealth. Average household wealth for older talk radio listeners is $1.2 million. They have money. Advertise to people who have money.”

Don’t slash your marketing budget during the pandemic: Effectiveness study

Thursday 18 June, 2020

In an online seminar for advertisers and marketers, two of the world’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness, Rob Brittain and Peter Field explained the findings of their major new report  AUNZ Advertising Effectiveness Rules - Winning or Losing in a Recession.

The seminar was presented by The Communications Councils of Australia and New Zealand, with support from LinkedIn. It is the first study to examine the implications of COVID-19 and the impending recession for the advertising industry on both sides of the Tasman.

To build brand love you need brand safety

Thursday 18 June, 2020

Over the past few months of lockdown, audiences have been forming new consumption habits.

As advertisers adapt to the changes, a new report from GroupM reminds marketers and advertisers to remember brand safety.

We examine the report and also talk to SCA CEO Grant Blackley about brand safety.

A brand safe environment is "critical for all advertisers," according to Blackley.

Ad demand increasing, staff give some WFH time to charity: Nova's Peter Colosimo

Wednesday 03 June, 2020

NOVA Entertainment was quick to implement altered working from home arrangements for the majority of staff as a result of Richard Wilkins’ early positive COVID-19 test.

Steve Ahern zooms in to NOVA Entertainment’s Group General Manager Peter Colosimo to find out how the network is handling remote working and its plans for returning to the office environment. He also discovers how the Jobkeeper program has allowed staff with excess capacity to spend time volunteering their time to help the community.


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