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Fifi Vs Tom over Disabled Parking

Friday 25 July, 2014
It's risky when you put your life out there every day to entertain others.

This week Fox FM's Fifi Box told a funny story about how she pretended to be disabled after accidentally parking in a disabled parking space.

She didn't realise it was a disabled space until she returned to her car. It was very early in the morning, there were other disabled spaces and there were very few other cars in shopping centre parking lot.

Bring back Bruce Mansfield to TV News

Friday 04 July, 2014
Bruce Mansfield used to read the news in the mid-late 70’s on Channel 10 Melbourne (Channel 0 as it was back then). He now presents the Nightline evening show on 3AW, with Philip Brady.

Channel 10 is now five decades old and will celebrate its 50th Birthday on Friday 1st August.

3AW has launched a campaign to have Bruce return to the Eyewitness News Desk, for that one night only, to read the bulletin.

Fairfax Radio Network releases latest iPhone apps

Friday 04 July, 2014

Fairfax Radio Network has  launched its latest suite of iPhone apps for Sydney’s 2UE, Melbourne’s 3AW and Magic 1278, Brisbane’s 4BC and Magic 882 and Perth’s 6PR. The app update was pushed out overnight to tablets and smart phones.

3AW studio to be named in honour of Keith McGowan

Friday 20 June, 2014

Following recognition of the late Keith McGowan in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List, 3AW will remember Keith by naming a studio after him.

Keith passed away last Christmas after a lifelong career in radio.

​Has Olympus Fallen or will 3AW bounce back? And is the Today network still number one?

Monday 28 April, 2014

Harsh words apply blow torch to bellies of Fairfax and SCA management. Comment from Peter Saxon.
“Well ‘Olympus Has Fallen’! No real surprise to those who are keen and informed students of surveys and programming,” writes Mike the Influencer in the radioinfo comments section. “3AW has been on the slide for 2 years and everyone has been in denial about it. Funny that would be about the same time a new FRN head honcho came in.”

3AW gets behind #itouchmyselfie

Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Chrissie Amphlett has got the nation touching themselves to raise awareness for breast health and 3AW is on board.  
Fill in breakfast hosts Peter Maher and Kate Stevenson were so impressed with the new campaign, I touch myself, they interviewed campaign supporter Deborah Conway…and inspired the whole team to make their own #itouchmyselfies.

3AW hosts battle it out for charity

Tuesday 18 March, 2014

3AW hosts Ross Stevenson, John Burns and Tom Elliott will be the ones answering the questions when they compete for the title of quizmaster on Channel Seven’s Million Dollar Minute Battle of the Talkbacks this Sunday.

All prize money won during the show will be donated to the respective hosts’ chosen charities.

Ross Stevenson is raising prize money for The Children's Protection Society. “My entire life has been leading up to this… Million Dollar Minute is like the Olympics, it's taking part that counts,” he said.

Just straighten them out in Sydney would you: Neil Mitchell

Monday 13 January, 2014
"There was a moment of madness," when Justin Smith accepted the job of Drive presenter at 2UE Sydney, he told listeners on his last day at 3AW.

Smith has been Neil Mitchell's producer for 11 years and was on air over the past few weeks as Mitchell's fill in.

Among a batch of calls from well wishers, Neil Mitchell also called in to say his farewells to Smith and to wish him good luck up north.


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