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Mal hangs up the cans

Friday 05 February, 2016

After 45 years in radio, former 2SM broadcaster Mal Hedstrom ends his career today.

His shift on Sun FM in Mildura today will be his last.

The station's General Manager Alan Burrows has paid tribute to Mal.

"In my eyes Mal is an icon of the radio industry and an amazing man to listen to his stories of the wild days of radio in the 70's and 80's.

Great to see Mal go out on his own terms which doesn't happen much in today's world".

Legendary Radio and TV presenter Mike Gibson dies

Wednesday 23 September, 2015
Mike Gibson who has had a career in radio, television and print as sportscaster, talk show host and lifestyle columnist has passed away at his Central Coast home aged 75.

Mike Gibson began his media career as a print journalist covering greyhound racing and rugby league, then moved to radio, joining George Moore on the 2SM Morning show in 1976, before switching to 2GB in 1979. 

He then began hosting Wide World of Sports in 1981.

Celebrating 30 years of broadcasting

Monday 07 September, 2015
Queenslander Scott Mayman just enjoyed "30 Years of Broadcasting" taking-in work in Australia and in the United States in both news and on-air presenting.
"From News to Music show presenting - I've pretty much done it all".   
2SM, 2KY, 4BC, 4BH, 4KQ, ABC Radio, SEA FM, MIX FM, GOLD FM,  COAST ROCK FM  - and a string of other regional stations in Australia as well as broadcasters in the United States.

Concerns for Brian after John Laws reduces caller to tears

Friday 20 March, 2015
John Laws reduced an 80-year-old caller to tears on radio this morning after the elderly man called to talk about being sexually assaulted as a child.

It's not the first time the veteran jock has found himself in trouble when discussing sexual assault with callers, suggesting to a female listener in 2013, women who dress provocatively were “rape bait”.

The F-Bomb dropped once again on 2SM

Friday 06 March, 2015
You would think 2SM would know where their dump button was by now.
Just weeks after John Laws copped an expletive mouthful from a caller with a clear dislike for the veteran shock-jock, the F-Bomb has once again slipped through to the keeper.

Lawsie’s reaction?

“Ooh dear, dear, dear…it’s a long reach did we get it? I think we got it.” “Tell us (laughs), such a nice quietly spoken lady…out of the blue you get that”.

Oops Lawsie, delay not working

Thursday 05 February, 2015
John Laws copped an expletive mouthful from caller Lee this morning, who had a clear dislike for the veteran shock-jock.

Luckily radio stations know how to use their dump buttons right?

Wrong, for 2SM at least.

“Can you believe that? The language of that fellow. We dumped it thank God”, said Laws under the presumption that his producer had reacted quickly enough to the swearing.

Vale Les Hay: Funeral Monday 5 January

Friday 02 January, 2015

Les Hay passed away last Saturday at the age of 97.

His funeral was held today, Monday 5th January, 11am, at Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

Les was Sales Manager of both 2UW and 2SM during the 50s – 70s.

He also spent time at 2UE in the late 70s doing research work for John Brennan, before retiring after a highly successful career in the radio industry.

2SM Super Radio Network satellite distribution upgrade

Thursday 13 November, 2014

The Super Radio Network is set to upgrade its satellite radio distribution to Star Pro Audio Solutions to increase the efficiency, quality and reach of their satellite streaming.

SRN operates 36 AM & FM Radio Stations, 45 translators as well as five Sydney DAB+ Radio Stations. 

Running since 1995, it delivers a majority of its radio programming, including The John Laws Radio Morning Show, from multiple studios to regional stations.

'You are a nasty piece of work Norman'

Friday 29 August, 2014
"If you shut up for a minute... let me tell you, that is radio, we are a family," 2SM's John Laws told serial pest Norman, when he went two rounds on air with him this morning.

Amongst other insults, Norman told Lawsy "you've got no pull any more, if you want something done for you go to Hadley, don't go to John Laws."

After a couple of rounds with Laws, caller Barbara, one of Lawsy's 'colourful' listeners, also got on air to exchange a few harsh words with Norman.

Listen to the verbal boxing match below.

Lawsy in trouble for giving out phone number of 'gutless idiot' caller

Thursday 21 August, 2014

2SM's John Laws has breached the privacy provisions of the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice by broadcasting a caller’s personal phone number on air.

On 25 November last year Laws read out and responded to emails from a listener criticising his response to an earlier caller and referring to ‘cash for comment.’


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