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Colin Cameron: A lifetime of radio achievements

Wednesday 08 July, 2020

While in Covid19 lockdown, retired regional radio identity Colin Cameron has been cleaning out his ‘man cave’ and reflecting on his career.

Hit93.5 tops overall in Dubbo, but Laws is still king in mornings

Tuesday 13 August, 2019

Hit93.5 Dubbo still leads in the latest Xtra Insights survey, while John Laws on 2DU continues to be the king of mornings.
In the first survey since April 2017, Hit93.5 eased a little, down 1.0 to 23.9 overall while 2DU added 1.6 to 22.2, leading Zoo FM up 0.2 to 17.3 with the ABC Western Plains now at 9.9 (down 0.7).
2DU’s dominate the over 55 market while Hit93.5 has a stranglehold on 10-39’s.

John Kerr’s 60 year journey through radio

Monday 13 November, 2017
Few people reach a 60 year milestone in radio. That sort of celebration is reserved for monarchs blessed with longevity and few alternative career prospects.


2DU takes a hit in Dubbo

Tuesday 04 April, 2017

The latest radio survey for Dubbo stations 2DU, Zoo FM and Hit93.5 have been released offering a chance to see how ratings have fared since the last survey a year ago. 

And 2DU took a hit.

The station dropped 8.0 percentage points from last survey, sitting at number two as the station listened to most with 20.6%, Hit 93.5 is number one with 24.9% and ZOO FM third with 17.1% All People 10+.

Dubbo releases first radio ratings in 10 years

Thursday 10 March, 2016

Dubbo radio stations 2DU, Zoo FM and 93.5 Star FM have released the region’s first radio ratings in more than 10 years.

2DU was the station listened to most (all people 10+) with 28.6%, followed by Star FM with 25.2% and Zoo FM 3rd with 14.1%.

In breakfast 2DU also placed first with an even 30%, followed by Star FM with 25.1% and Zoo FM and ABC Local Radio equal  third on 12.9%.

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