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2Day FM's world's first LICE bucket challenge

Friday 29 August, 2014
Sure, the new 2Day FM breakfast show isn't performing as well as they'd hoped, but is that any reason for a crazy stunt featuring the world's most hated parasites?

Hottest hot dog leaves 2DayFM’s Merrick Watts seriously ill

Wednesday 27 August, 2014
2DayFM breakfast host Merrick Watts ate Australia’s hottest hot dog in an on-air stunt this morning – with 'XXXXX sauce' 900 times hotter than a jalapeño. 

After the challenge concluded it left his panicked wife Georgie calling producers, with Merrick violently ill causing an internal reaction with sharp pains in the inner lining of his stomach

‘XXXXX Sauce’ is the hottest legal sauce on the planet and has a Scoville heat count of 1.45 million -  almost the equivalent of consuming police grade pepper spray

'Ugly,' bald, but $1000 richer for charity

Thursday 07 August, 2014
2Day FM Breakfast’s Jules Lund has had his head shaved by former Australian swimmer Michael Klim in the show’s latest Blackout Challenge.

Despite hesitation, Lund bit the bullet and went through with the challenge, sweetened by Klim’s offer to throw $1000 behind Jules’ upcoming City2Surf run.

With Merrick Watts in tow, he sat back and watched his locks fall to the floor, before announcing in the mirror: “I look really ugly! I look so bad. This is a disaster!”

Sophie Monk gets trashed by Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller

Wednesday 30 July, 2014
She’s known for being one of the dance world’s harshest and most brutally honest critics, but that didn’t stop 2Day FM Breakfast’s Sophie Monk from thrusting and busting - out of a wheelie bin - in front of Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller.
Sophie, who hasn’t slipped on her ballet shoes for a while, performed a lyrical piece to Sia’s track ‘Eye of the Needle’ for Miller, who trashed her routine.

​2Day FM pioneer Greg Coote dies in Hollywood

Wednesday 02 July, 2014

Cancer claims former Village Roadshow CEO at 72

Greg Coote was one of the founding Directors of 2Day FM along with legendary media personalities John Laws, Graham Kennedy and Mike Willesee when it launched in 1980.

Coote was even better known in the film industry with a raft of Producer credits to his name.

​Has Olympus Fallen or will 3AW bounce back? And is the Today network still number one?

Monday 28 April, 2014

Harsh words apply blow torch to bellies of Fairfax and SCA management. Comment from Peter Saxon.
“Well ‘Olympus Has Fallen’! No real surprise to those who are keen and informed students of surveys and programming,” writes Mike the Influencer in the radioinfo comments section. “3AW has been on the slide for 2 years and everyone has been in denial about it. Funny that would be about the same time a new FRN head honcho came in.”

Cameron Diaz tells Sophie Monk to own her camel toe

Thursday 17 April, 2014
On 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B breakfast show, co-host Sophie Monk was told by Cameron Diaz to own her camel toe.

Sophie, who claimed her camel toe is more famous than she is overseas, revealed she 'always' seems to have one and that she is actually proud of it.

Cameron Diaz: “But you know what I like about it? Is that you take it head on and you just admit it. And like you talk about and like you take it out of their hands and you possess it. You own it. You own your camel toe!”

ACMA seeks appeal in 2Day FM case

Tuesday 15 April, 2014

ACMA are seeking leave to appeal to the High Court in its case regarding the 2Day FM royal prank.

It released the following statement today:

"On 11 April 2014, the Australian Communications and Media Authority filed an application for special leave to appeal to the High Court from the decision of the Full Federal Court delivered on 14 March 2014.

Pending resolution of that application, the ACMA will be making no further comment on the matter."

​2Day and KIIS declare facebook war via YouTube

Thursday 10 April, 2014

Keen rivalry between Kyle and Jackie at KIIS and their old station, 2Day, continues apace with Jackie releasing a mocking video of one featuring Fifi Box released by 2Day a few days ago.

This latest acrimony arises from a dispute between the Today Network and its former breakfast duo, as to who owned the Kyle and Jackie O facebook page which had amassed some 160,000 fans during their decade long tenure with the network.

More April Fools trickery

Tuesday 01 April, 2014

When Melbourne listeners thought Mix 101.1’s Chrissie and Jane had revealed the My Kitchen Rules winners in an interview with eliminated contestants Carly and Tresne, all hell broke loose.
The switchboard melted down, and an angry Manu came on to the show…to reveal it was all just an April Fools Joke.
Watch how it unfolded here:


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