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2Day Breakfast 2014

Sophie sticking to her 2Day job after receptionist fail

Monday 24 March, 2014

Sophie Monk might be 2Day’s bright new talent behind the microphone but when she was put behind the reception desk at the station it was clear the task might be better left to someone else.
The radio host, singer, actress and model was given free reign as the ‘Director of First Impressions’ this morning after a quick training session, and it wasn’t long before things went pear-shaped.

Today Network goes on a charm offensive ahead of Survey One

Monday 10 March, 2014

Opinion from Peter Saxon

It’s hard to be humble when your stations have been number one FM in both Sydney and Melbourne for the best part of a decade. But with new Breakfast and Drive shows on 2Day and Fox as well as at 94.5 in Perth, the Today Network is hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.

Revealed: Sophie Monk's "last" thoughts in near death experience

Friday 28 February, 2014

“I should have spent my money on a boob job” and writing a letter to her family were the last thoughts Sophie Monk had in a near death experience travelling to Iraq to entertain the troops.
Sophie talked about the experience on 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick & Sophie with Mel B saying her life flashed before her eyes when the plane she was in had to dodge a mortar in the air.

A Brave New Year

Thursday 09 January, 2014

Like much of the business world, January has traditionally been quite a holiday for major market radio people.  Most often they wander back towards the end of the month and ease themselves into the coming survey year. Many not being back before Survey One actually starts.

This year, not so much.

With all the changes that have happened to major, established programs, and the amount of potential revenue to be had, or at risk, most shows are finding themselves on air this coming Monday, January 13.

​John Laws and Matt Preston part of 2Day Breakfast in 2014?

Sunday 08 December, 2013
In a video entitled Who is the New 2Day-FM Breakfast Team? that was quietly posted on the 2Day facebook page Sunday night, a number of faces are prominently featured – most of whom have long been mooted as the likely line-up in 2014 to replace Kyle and Jackie O who are moving to MIX ... er KIIS.

Merrick Watts, Sophie Monk and Dave Thornton are the stars of the video clip as they dance along to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

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