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Sales is Confidence in Motion

Someone once said, "Sales is the transference of enthusiasm from one person to another." This is true. It is also true that we must have confidence in the products that we sell, or it becomes very difficult to sell them.

The question for today: "Do you REALLY believe that your radio station works for your clients?" Or, have you heard "Radio doesn't work" so often from your clients (or ex-clients) that you have begun to believe that advertising on radio is an "iffy" proposition? 

I also work with a newspaper company and have heard "Newspaper doesn't work" several times when riding with the sales staff. Now, my experience riding with radio reps is that our clients tell us that newspaper advertising is wonderful and never fails to produce results. But, riding with the newspaper reps, I hear that radio is great and newspaper isn't. Hummmm......what's going on here?

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Radio, newspaper, TV, any form of advertising CAN and WILL work if done properly. Do you think our clients might be negotiating with us?  Do you think that, if they tell us how well our campaigns do work, that we might ask for more money from them?

We need to stop drinking the bad Kool Aide from our clients and concentrate on the success stories that are all around us. Make sharing success stories a part of every sales meeting. These third party references are critical to our selling process.

When was the last time you asked for, and got, a written testimonial from a satisfied client? Why not record an audio version of the testimonials, edit them together, and play for prospective clients? These testimonials are from real, live business people who have risked money with you and have gotten rewarded. They can tell our story better than we ever could.

Believe in what you do. Only then can you transfer the emotion and enthusiasm necessary to convince others to join you.


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