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Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

NPR One - making news radio better

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

I may have written about NPR One before. But radio programmers tell me to continually ‘reset’, and NPR One has some of the most important elements that I think are the future of connected radio.

NPR once stood for National Public Radio. They have over 1,000 member stations across the US. NPR One, which is available globally for iPhone or Android, isn’t just a streaming app - it’s more than that....

04 December 2016

Radio in the car - popular everywhere

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Industry body Commercial Radio Australia released some new data this week about radio in the car. Unsurprisingly for radio, it’s good news: radio accounts for 80% of all audio listened-to in the car. Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music total just 3% of time spent listening,...

27 November 2016

Radio needs pictures, but not lazy antique ones

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

There's a number of clichés to avoid if you write about radio.

First: the lazy Buggles headline. Video didn't kill the radio star, yet this falsehood is repeated so often it's no wonder that many people consider it to be true. It does our industry a disservice. However, you'll see it with monotonous regularity on any article written about radio.

But I'm noticing another radio cliché. The lazy antique radio photo.


20 November 2016

The radio stations without radio studios

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

My first job for radio was in a radio studio built in 1975 to a full studio specification from the UK broadcasting regulator: including adequate sound-proofing. The studio I worked in was virtually underground, with hessian-dampened walls and large double sand-filled doors.

Studios are a big part of any radio station - an expanse of glass and equipment and often built as a showcase. They’re...

13 November 2016

Malaysia - nowhere is radio more popular

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

I was in Malaysia last week.

Some interesting facts about Malaysian audiences:

25% of people in Malaysia are Chinese-speakers. So, it turns out that Chinese-language radio is pretty popular.

25% of people in Malaysia are English-speakers. Go through the FM dial and you’ll find lots of English-speaking radio stations: in a taxi, I listened to Astro’s “Lite FM”, a kind of relaxing AC station: one with a fearsome...

30 October 2016

Paul Henry - watching radio on the telly in New Zealand

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

I’ve just been on holiday to New Zealand. It was very nice, thank you for asking. It’s awfully pretty, and everyone is very friendly. If that wasn’t enough, they call shopping trolleys by the incredibly cute name of “trundlers”. What’s not to like about that?

MediaWorks NZ operates the national newstalk station Radio Live, and I tuned into the morning show, simply called Paul Henry...

23 October 2016

Object-based broadcasting - the future?

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Earlier this year, in late April, I braved the crowds in Las Vegas and saw something really quite special.

Dan McQuillin from Broadcast Bionics was showing two nice things, which Kirk Harnack from Telos persuaded them to show off in a YouTube video. If ever you should ever stop reading an article and go and watch a video, now’s the time. Go...

16 October 2016

Swearing on the radio

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Before we begin - the links in this article lead to words you may find offensive.

Over twenty years ago, I remember listening to the Dutch radio station Sky Radio, and hearing an incomprehensible dutch jingle followed by Prince’s new hit - “Sexy MF”. Except Sky Radio didn’t play the radio-safe version. We got the proper, full,...

10 October 2016

How important is a local radio station name?

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

The biggest commercial radio group in Australia, Southern Cross Austereo, is doing something courageous in December - changing the names of 59 radio stations.

Australian station names are, to this Brit, a strange mix of heritage callsigns. There’s been a “2GZ” in New South Wales since 1935. “3BO” has broadcast in Victoria since 1931. But, from mid-December, they’ll be called “TripleM”, as will 29...

03 October 2016

Radio in smartphones to get better

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Smartphones contain a lot of technology: and developers have access to most of it.

If you’re a mobile phone app developer, you can check the GPS chip for details of where your user is, for example - so Google Maps can tell you where you are, or your news app can give you local information.

There are temperature sensors, altimeters and all kinds of things inside your mobile phone. If you...

25 September 2016


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